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What the Temperance Movement did for us?

I have just done a live interview on Newstalk Radio, Dublin They had picked up on the press release for Scandal Salvation and Suffrage – The Amazing Women of The Temperance Movement from the publisher The presenter, Tara, … Continue reading

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Creativity is a state of mind

Creating something of beauty, or something better than you imagined yourself capable of creating, is extremely uplifting. I speak from personal experience here, having recently started art classes with The Seasons Art Class. I dropped art at school when just … Continue reading

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The Canvas of My Youth – a reflective poem

THE CANVAS OF MY YOUTH                                                                                        Curls of coal smoke hanging in the air, Friday’s fish odour;  tinned fruit with carnation cream. Psychedelic purple, swirling through emerald green, Carnaby Street meets Made in Yorkshire mini dress. “I ain’t heavy …” blasting … Continue reading

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Lady Henry Somerset and Frances Willard and their relief work during the Armenian crisis of the 1890s

Lady Henry Somerset (standing) and Frances Willard Lady Henry Somerset and Frances Willard, the American temperance leader, had much in common – including a poor taste in hats, it would seem from this old photograph. The 2 women did not … Continue reading

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It was a great pleasure on Thursday 7th July to give a talk at Reigate Heath Golf Club as part of the 2011 Reigate Heath Exhibition. 5th tee at reigate Heath Golf Course It was in 1895 that Lady Henry … Continue reading

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