Scandal Salvation & Suffrage – the Amazing Women of the Temperance Movement

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It’s taken a while but the new book is now with the publishers, Matador, and is due out in Spring 2015.

It tells the real stories of some remarkable women – women who had no vote but who found their voice promoting temperance and driving social reform.

The book, Scandal, Salvation & Suffrage – the Amazing Women of the Temperance Movement, features Sarah Robinson (the Soldier’s Friend), Agnes Weston (the Sailor’s Friend), Catherine Booth (‘Mother’ of the Salvation¬†Army), Lady Henry Somerset and Rosalind Howard (The Radical Countess of Carlisle)¬†and a host of supporting female characters.

It also covers the birth of 2 women-led organisations, The Band of Hope and The British Women’s Temperance Association.

It’s not a dry (excuse the pun!) academic history of the temperance movement but a very readable account of the life and work of women whose stories have been forgotten by history. They deserve better.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to introduce these ladies to you and to give you a taster of the new book.

About rosblack

I am a freelance writer & author of 4 social history books, featuring female social reformers of the late 19th and early 20th century. In a previous life I managed a housing charity. I also give talks.
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