Scandal Salvation & Suffrage – the Amazing Women of the Temperance Movement

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It’s taken a while but the new book is now with the publishers, Matador, and is due out in Spring 2015.

It tells the real stories of some remarkable women – women who had no vote but who found their voice promoting temperance and driving social reform.

The book, Scandal, Salvation & Suffrage – the Amazing Women of the Temperance Movement, features Sarah Robinson (the Soldier’s Friend), Agnes Weston (the Sailor’s Friend), Catherine Booth (‘Mother’ of the Salvation Army), Lady Henry Somerset and Rosalind Howard (The Radical Countess of Carlisle) and a host of supporting female characters.

It also covers the birth of 2 women-led organisations, The Band of Hope and The British Women’s Temperance Association.

It’s not a dry (excuse the pun!) academic history of the temperance movement but a very readable account of the life and work of women whose stories have been forgotten by history. They deserve better.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to introduce these ladies to you and to give you a taster of the new book.

About rosblack

I am a freelance writer & author of 4 social history books, featuring female social reformers of the late 19th and early 20th century. In a previous life I managed a housing charity. I also give talks.
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