Sarah Robinson’s ‘Little Keepsake’ book 1904

Thanks to Maria Lawless who contacted me through the site, I am able to bring you a photograph of a miniature book (approximately 6 cms by 5 cms) circulated, on request, by Sarah Robinson to mark her 70th birthday.

The inclusion of a photograph made the book especially popular with the thousands of soldiers who had benefitted from the accommodation and support she had provided through her Soldiers’ Institute and other establishments at Portsmouth. There was a small verse for each day of the year, all produced in a facsimile of Sarah’s own handwriting to give it that real personal touch.


About rosblack

I am a freelance writer & author of 4 social history books, featuring female social reformers of the late 19th and early 20th century. In a previous life I managed a housing charity. I also give talks.
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2 Responses to Sarah Robinson’s ‘Little Keepsake’ book 1904

  1. Patricia Louise Harris says:

    Hello, I have one of these little books. It appears to be signed or has an inscription to someone. I wonder what the value of this might be? It is leather and has gilded pages.

    • rosblack says:

      Hi – what a lovely thing to have. Did it belong to someone in your family? I’m afraid I have no idea what it is worth or who, apart from a museum or specialist collector of temperance or late Victorian memorabilia, would be interested in it. Regards Ros Black

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